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Brands Top models
Philips                               AJ3138 AJ3116/12 AJ3600/00C AJ4800/12 Other categories
Sony                               WM-EC1 WM-FX481 ICF-M60LRDS ICF-C211 Other categories
Sangean                               WFT-1DI DPR99 DPR-25+ DDR3 Other categories
Roberts                               RD-7 R876 R9929 colourSTREAM Other categories
Motorola                               GP68 PR860 H01UCC6DU3AN RADIUS GP300 Other categories
Eton                               E100 Deep silver Mini300PE Sound 100 FR200 Other categories
Uniden                               UM380 MHS135DSC MC1010 BC95XLTUASD Other categories
Samsung                               SM-B109E MM-T8 SM-B109H YP-Q2JEW Other categories
Lenco                               IR2100B CR-334 IR2100W WR-34 Other categories
SCOTT                               RX 9 PK SPORT RX 19 WH CX 48 RXS 40 Other categories
Soundmaster                               UR-135 FUR6100SI UR135SI TCR-300 Other categories
Roberts Radio                               R9993 ROBERTS REVIVAL ISTREAM 2 5.5.070 BLUTUNE 50 Other categories
Yamaha                               BDX-610 ISX-80 T-S500 HTR-4071 Other categories
Roadstar                               HRA-1325US CLR-1966/CR TRA-2973 CLR-2466 Other categories
Panasonic                               RQSX75V RQE25V SCPMX5EG SCAKX12EB Other categories
PURE                               VL-60907 EVOKE Flow TEMPUS-1 Evoke-1S Other categories
AudioSonic                               CL 471 CL-1475 RD-1565 RD-1545 Other categories
Muse                               M-165 CR M-110 DB M-19CR M-081 RW Other categories
Blaupunkt                               oslobludab AUSTIN CD41 LYON CC 28 BTA-6001 Other categories
Radio Shack                               HTX-200 Deluxe FRS iScan PRO-107 12-587 Other categories