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List of brands for manuals category VGA cables
Brands Top models                               MXT101PMM50 MXTMMHQ15M MXT101LP15 MXT101MMHQ Other categories
Cables Direct                               EX-012-5 CDEX-260 CDEX-267 CDEX-226 Other categories
Tripp Lite                               P502-010 P516-001-HR P502-025 P770-10M Other categories
DeLOCK                               82564 82562 82560 82568 Other categories
Philips                               SWX1233/10 SWX2118/10 SWV2712W SWX2115/10 Other categories
ASSMANN Electronic                               AK-310103-100-E DK-310205-150-D AK-310103-030-E AK-310100-030-E Other categories
Computer Gear                               26-0050MM 26-0500MM 26-0150MM 26-0020MM Other categories
V7                               V7E2VGA-05M-BLK V7E2VGAXT-05M-BK V7-HDMI-03 V7E-SVGAEXT-05M Other categories
Sandberg                               301-61 501-60 507-58 507-57 Other categories
Digitus                               DK-310103-030-E DK-310203-050-E AK-310200-018-E DK-310203-200-E Other categories
Kramer Electronics                               C-MGM/MGM-3 C-MH1/MH1-10 C-GM/GF-6 C-GMA/GMA(90-UP)-15 Other categories
Roline                               11.04.5306 11.04.5370 11.04.5220 11.01.6560 Other categories
Ewent                               EW-110201-100-N-P EW9885 EW9880 EW-110103-020-N-P Other categories
Valueline                               VLCP59050B20 VLCP52050I20 VLCP52010I20 VLCP59000B30 Other categories
Conceptronic                               C30-355 C30-351 1300058 C30-354 Other categories
Ednet                               84532 84533 84531 84530 Other categories
Gembird                               CC-PPVGA-20M-B CC-VGAX2-20CM CC-PPVGA-15M-B CC-PPVGAX-10-B Other categories
CableWholesale                               10H1-01206 10H1-27708 10H1-20101NF 10H1-20125 Other categories
LogiLink                               5m, VGA/VGA, M/M CV0017 20m VGA M/M CV0016 Other categories
Equip                               118080 118804 332521-V1 118810 Other categories