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Brands Top models
Samsung                               SC8571 FH175GZXC SC4340 VC-6013 Other categories
Electrolux                               5540 ZUAG3800 ZB2805 DE 6250 Other categories
LG                               V-2620DE V-C7030NTR V-CA241NT VTC4064HEU Other categories
Philips                               FC9310/02 FC6095/01 FC6161/05 FC6168/01 Other categories
Vax                               VMFUS1600 V-028U V-041HS 613 0S Other categories
Bissell                               CleanView 3593 Healthy Home Vacuum POWER CLEAN 16N5 QUICKWASH Other categories
Hoover                               U6485900 Bh50030 FH10025 F5914901NC Other categories
Eureka                               6980 Series 420 4650 980 Other categories
AEG                               CE4400EX CX7-2-35WR AVQ2126 P3 Other categories
Shark                               UV208 NV22LC NV350UKMS NV650 Other categories
AEG Electrolux                               AG805 AAM6103 AVQ2248 AAM6112 Other categories
Black & Decker                               DV9605EN VC2500 PV1405N vo1810 Other categories
Bosch                               BSN1600 BSN1810RU BSNC100 BSG813.UC Other categories
Miele                               S 324i Complete C3 Celebration S 247i S 570 series Other categories
Dyson                               206033-01 DC 50 DC 08 DC30 Other categories
Euro-Pro                               SV736K NV22 Shark SV736K EP600H Other categories
RIDGID                               6 U.S. GALLON/22.5 LITER 120V WD3050 WD4550 Other categories
Windsor                               CDT7 10080220 Floor Polisher U20X-10090610 Saber Cutter 10052350 D250(115V) 10070100 Other categories
Oreck                               U4300H2BS XLS700 U3720H XL3640HH Other categories
Clarke                               530cc ENCORE L2426 CAV12 L30 Other categories