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List of brands for manuals category USB cables
Brands Top models                               USBHAUBMB1MW USBPAUB2MW USBLT2MW USBEXTAA5DSK Other categories
Cables Direct                               CDL-012 CDLSB-904 USB2-015 USB3-MICROB-BL Other categories
DeLOCK                               82690 82436 82252 82113 Other categories
ASSMANN Electronic                               AK 67422 AK-300200-018-E AK-300104-030-S AK-300110-018-S Other categories
Valueline                               VLCB61010L20 VLMB39100W10 VLCP60101B20 VLCB61000L20 Other categories
Digitus                               DB-230267 DK-300119-050-D DB-300128-010-S DB-230304 Other categories
Tripp Lite                               U326-006 U036-005-R U233-008 U326-010 Other categories
Philips                               SWR2102/10 SWR2105/10 SWU2132/10 SWU2135/10 Other categories
V7                               V7USBAMCB-2M V7-USB2AA-06 V7-USB2AA-03 V7USB2AB-05M Other categories
InLine                               31620S 31430S 34620T 35402Y Other categories
Manhattan                               323987 391832 352758 391900 Other categories
Conceptronic                               C30-008 C05-073 CUSBKMFSHARE 13000391 Other categories
Ednet                               84184 31021 84231 84232 Other categories
Equip                               128232 133335 133351 USB 2.0 Data Transfer Cable Other categories
T'nB                               CIUS032787 TNBUSB2AMAM03 CIUS034125 CIIBB1 Other categories
Trust                               20345 17169 17310 20189 Other categories
Ewent                               EW9624 EW1014 EW9904 EW9626 Other categories
M-Cab                               7300100 7000924 7001169 7001160 Other categories
CableWholesale                               10U2-02203 10U2-02103BK 10U3-02106EBK 10UM-02101.5BK Other categories
LogiLink                               UA0182 CU0071 CU0070 CU0025 Other categories