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Brands Top models
Whirlpool                               HSCX 10445 PWC 717A+++ DDLX 90111 PWC 72A+++ Other categories
Electrolux                               EDH3386GDW EWW1697SWD EWW1686HDW EDE411M Other categories
AEG                               T8DBL860G T8DEN843C L87695NWD T8DEK945E Other categories
Zanussi                               TCE7125 TD4112W DRi49/3/B ZTE7101PZ Other categories
AEG Electrolux                               T7042TK 8050TW T56740 TCE Other categories
LG                               F4015RN4VC RC9011A DLE3733U DLEX2501V Other categories
Samsung                               DV70M5020QW DV10K6500EV SDC3K801/XSG HT-DM150 Other categories
Indesit                               IDVL 75 B R IDCL 75 B HR (FR) IDCA 8350 (UK) IDCL 75 B H (EU) Other categories
Hotpoint                               IDV 79 (IL) AQC9 BF7 T (EU) NT M11 92SKY EU TCAM 80C G/Z (UK) Other categories
Maytag                               MDG9206BWW MD-1 MD-31 MEDB755DW Other categories
Miele                               T 4839 Ci 12802311USA T 6751 T 8927 WP Other categories
Zanussi Electrolux                               TD4212W ZDC46130S TCE7227W W1242W Other categories
GE                               DCVH680EJBB DBLR333 DVLR223ET GTD33GASKWW Other categories
Bauknecht                               TR Big103A2Con TK Platinum 862 I TRWP 7655 TR Trend 72A3 Other categories
Bosch                               HES7062U-01 WTG86401UC WTYH67I9SN WTA4000 Other categories
Frigidaire                               131883500A FARG1011MW FFRG4120SW FDG8970E Other categories
Tricity Bendix                               TM 210 W TM 221 W TM221W TM321W Other categories
Asko                               W6324 T783C 461622 460680 Other categories
John Lewis                               JLTDC06 JLV09 JLTDH18 JLTDH22 Other categories
FORS                               TP8327 TP8369 AST8W TP8535 Other categories