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Brands Top models
Philips                               SRU2103S/27 SRU5107/27 MCM204/12 SRU5050/55 Other categories
Universal Remote Control                               Thermo Control AVEX R6 UR5-8400 URC-A6 Other categories
Daikin                               FTXD BRC1E52B BRC1E51A7 BRC7E530W8 Other categories
RCA                               RCU410 RCR815N RCR311B RCR660 Other categories
Sony                               RM-VL1400T RM-EZ4T RM-VZ220T RM-VL610 Other categories
Samsung                               PN64F8500AFXZA HC-P4741W CS-25M21MA AC401B/XSG Other categories
Universal Remote                               PowerPak RF-20 MX-880 TRG-200 MX-890 Other categories
Marmitek                               TV ANYWHERE Easycontrol 6 Infrared extenders: PowermidXS 09662 Other categories
APART                               ACPR TLG-VOLST TNS-VOLST TNS-PRG50 Other categories
Radio Shack                               Easy Remote 15-2143 Audio/ Video Remote Control 7-in-One RF Other categories
Universal Electronics                               MILLENNIUMTM 3 ATLAS CABLE 4-DEVICE Charter Nevo Other categories
One For All                               URC 7200 URC 1913 URC-6231 URC-8910 Other categories
AMX                               FG1311-16-KW MET-7 MVP-5150 FG148-04 Other categories
Jasco                               RM24906 RM24922 RM24911 RM25001 Other categories
CompuSTAR                               NU2000R 1WSS-25 1WAMR-Fiance 1WAMR-762 Other categories
Dish Network                               Platinum Plus 121150 REMOTE CONTROL 6.0 3.1 3 Other categories
Audiovox                               XR9 - XM Radio Tuner RCRN08GR RCR3273R RCRV06GR Other categories
Ebode                               IR Link Pro Flush EM TAKE 6 IR IR Link Pro Other categories
Yamaha                               DM2000 V2 DKC-850 HTR-3065 MRX-100 Other categories
Microsoft                               Remote Control and Receiver Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote 360 Other categories