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Brands Top models
Roland                               VP-70 VS-CDRII R-44 BR-1600CD Other categories
Extron electronics                               RGB 304 RGB 118 3G-AE 100 RGB 580xi AAP Other categories
ESI                               AUDIOTRAK MIDI Mate U46DJ UGM96 Maya 44 USB Other categories
M-Audio                               FireWire 410 Podcast Factory Pro Tools Firewire Audiophile Other categories
MOTU                               HDX-SDI 896HD HD Express 896 Other categories
RME Audio                               ADI-642 ADI-8 PRO M-32 AD Fireface UCX Other categories
DigiDesign                               D-Control ADAT Bridge I/O HD MADI 96i I/O Other categories
LG                               DR487 DVR587X RC6921W DR4812V Other categories
Mitsubishi                               EQ-V680D1 SC-SL2NA-E DX-TL930E SC-SL3NA-AE Other categories
Zoom                               H4next R16 R8 Interface MRS-1044CD Other categories
Mitsubishi Electric                               DX-NT400E DX-TL950E DX-TL2500E GB-24A Other categories
Marantz                               DR6050 series PMD661MK II DR6050 DR6000 Other categories
Alesis                               ProTrack A6 ADAT-HD24 FirePort 1394 AI-3 Other categories
Rockwell Automation                               1784-KTXD 1784-KTS 1785 PLC-5 Other categories
Dolby Laboratories                               CP650 Digital Loudspeaker CP500 CP500-300 Other categories
Echo Audio                               Layla3G AudioFire12 Echo 2 Indigo Other categories
Samsung                               DVW-707/707P SVR-1645 SVR 1680 DVD-HR720/ Other categories
Mackie                               S500 MCU Pro 32-8 BUS DXB.200 Other categories
Merging                               Pyramix Horus Pyramix 5 DUA II Other categories
Behringer                               FEEDBACK DESTROYER PRO FBQ2496 U-PHONO UFO202 FEEDBACK DESTROYER FBQ1000 U-CONTROL UCA222 Other categories