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Brands Top models
Cobra Electronics                               PR3500DX MRF45 PR3175WX LI6700WX Other categories
Motorola                               4550 IMPRES THE INTELLIGENT PORTABLE RADIO ENERGY SYSTE BASIC XTS 3000 FV200 Other categories
Kenwood                               UHF P25 Transceiver TK-5810 TK-6110K2 TK-390 TK 3100 Other categories
Vertex Standard                               VX-2R FT-7800E VX-420 VX-450 Other categories
Uniden                               UH-O53 GMR1595-2CK TR620 MHS550 Other categories
Audiovox                               GMRS600SCH FR142 128-7031 FR-240 Other categories
Radio Shack                               21-1599 12-259 21-1864 TRC-519 Other categories
Midland Radio                               LXT114 F-10 G-300 NAUTICO 3 Other categories
Standard Horizon                               HX-150S HX-850S GX-3000S HX-471S Other categories
Megajet                               MJ-850 MJ-350 MJ_400_Turbo MJ-650 Other categories
Sirio                               HI-Power 3000 Tornado 27 Cellular 33S MAG MegaWatt 3000 Other categories
Yaesu                               FT-60R FC-30 FTM-10SR FT-1900R Other categories
Jj-connect                               HE-400 FreeQuency Giga River Band Hyt Other categories
ICOM                               IC-R20 IC-M34 IC-M73 Plus IC-U82 Other categories
Alinco                               DJ-V57 DJ-195R DJ-500 DJ-A10 Other categories
Vector                               VT-27 Smart Turbo VT-27 Radius VT-27 Explorer VT-27 Truck Other categories
PRESIDENT                               Lincoln II ASC Grant II ASC Truman ASC JFK II ASC Other categories
Garmin                               Rino 190-00742-01 GPSCOM 190 Two-Way Radio 130 Other categories
JVC                               RV-S5 RV-S3 Other categories
Argut                               А-23 А-77 А-24 РК-201М Other categories