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Brands Top models
Beltronics                               BELV965 - Radar Detector With DSP High SENSIT Vector 945 Vector 970 RX45 Other categories
Whistler                               SRT30 1750 1770 PRO-3600 Other categories
Cobra                               XRS9960G 14 BAND XRS 930 XRS9740 INTELLILINK XRS R9G Other categories
Radio Shack                               22-1669 360 Detector VG-2 Guard Other categories
Furuno                               FR1500 Mk3 CSH-23F/24F FR-1710 MFD8 Other categories
Garmin                               xHD2 GMR 1204 xHD Appliance Data GPSMAP 6000 Series Other categories
Raymarine                               CP100 L750 Pathfinder Radar RD218 Other categories
Uniden                               LRD 766 LRD 6250SWS, LRD 6275SWS GPSRD LRD6299SWS Other categories
Crunch                               217B Other categories
ALERTEGPS                               G420 Wikango One Other categories
BENDIX                               PNU-172 BW2771 PNU-183 PNU-173 Other categories
Escort                               PASSPORT 9500ci SC55 Other categories
Siemens                               WiPS-200 Series SITRANS LR 300 Other categories
Cobra Electronics                               iRadar 900 XR-1050 XR-1010 Other categories
Bg                               EW-404 EW-606 Other categories
C.A.R.D.                               060 Other categories
Whislter                               XTR-580 Other categories
Fisher-Price                               C4780 Other categories
Q3 Innovations                               RadarHAWK Traveller II RADARHAWK SBIII Other categories
Valetine One                               V1 Other categories