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Sony                               NWZ-W273BLK NWZ-W274S Atrac3/MP3 CD Walkman D-NE306CK CD Walkman D-191 Other categories
Apple                               iPod touch iOS 8.1 iPod touch iOS 5.1 iPod touch (Para el software iOS 6) EarPods mit Fernbedienung und Mikrofon Other categories
Philips                               AJL303 10FF2M4 Fidelio Docking speaker DS1100 DC315/93 Other categories
RCA                               H106 Lyra X3030 M200256 M5001 Other categories
Samsung                               YP-K3J YP-K5JZBY YP-F2X YP-T5 Other categories
TEXET                               T-910HD T-767SD T-715 T-940HD Other categories
Curtis                               SMPK4412 SMPK8854 Quick Start SMPK4068 MP128 Other categories
Cowon                               iAUDIO G3 iAUDIO 10 Z2 plenue O2PMP Other categories
Emerson Radio                               HD2850 MP200 HD7998 PD5203 Other categories
JVC                               GR-DF570 CR-DF470 RU HR-XVC33U 0397MKV*UN*YP Other categories
Panasonic                               PV-D4752 Matrix System SV-SD80 SV-MP31V Other categories
TEAC                               LP-R550USB Quick Start DVW-D13A DV-RA1000 HR V.2 Other categories
IRiver                               iFP-120 5GB COLOR iFP-300 Series U10 Other categories
Explay                               L22 M22 C300 L02 Other categories
MPMan                               SP50BT MP239 MP30WOM TS270 Other categories
Asus                               O!Play HD2 O!Play Air O!Play Media Pro O!Play TV Pro Other categories
BBK                               X7 RU X21 Q27 V3 Video Other categories
Pioneer                               DEH-4700MPB PRV LX1 DEH-P460MP DEH-2100 Other categories
Olympus                               m:robe MR-100 WS 700M VN-PC VN 7200 Other categories
Transcend Information                               TS2GMP840 T.sonic 610 T sonic 310 TS4GMP320 Other categories