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List of brands for manuals category Personal scales
Brands Top models
Soehnle                               Classic 63331 6 Colours 63558 7 Other categories
American Weigh Scales                               BIOWEIGH-IR ZT-150 330LPG Quantum Other categories
Conair                               WW43D WW71C WW67N WW28 Other categories
Salter Housewares                               Building Set E 1053 Postal Equipment 9071 Body Fat Computer Coffee Grinder 7604-0211-01 Other categories
Tefal                               BH4150L0 PP1027A9 BM6000V0 BH4150 Other categories
Joycare                               JC-437 JC-389 JC-321 JC-433 Other categories
Terraillon                               Fitness Coach Initial Tara Memory TPR05200 TPRO5100 Other categories
Philips                               HF8003/00 DL8780/01 DL8780/37 HF8005/00 Other categories
Xavax                               Picta Infra Melina 00106970 Other categories
König                               HC-PS700N HC-PS500 HC-PS310N HC-PS101N Other categories
Sencor                               SBS 2507WH SBS 3004BS SBS 2700 SBS 2507 BL Other categories
A&D                               UC-324NFC UC-321PBT-C UC-324THW UC-324TMW Other categories
Salter                               9154 BK3R 9073 WH3R 9081 SV3R 407 GNDR Other categories
Inventum                               PW509G PW406GW PW720BG PW420 Other categories
Medisana                               PSL 40417 PSM PSC Other categories
Taylor                               Scale 5738BL 7009 7519-4192 Biggest Loser Cal-Max Other categories
KALORIK                               USK EBS 33087 USK EKS 37068 USK EBS 37070 CR-2032 Other categories
Escali                               P115SP 157LG BFBW200 R115 Other categories
Topcom                               WG-2495 2010 Digital Baby Scale 2010 200 Other categories
Tristar                               WG-2422 WG-2419 WG-2424 WG-2421 Other categories