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List of brands for manuals category Peripheral controllers
Brands Top models
Highpoint                               RocketRAID 1740 ROCKETRAID133 RocketRAID 4322 RocketRAID 2302 Other categories
Adaptec                               ICP9085LI 5405Z SAS/SATA/SCSI RAID Controllers 1891300 - RAID Controller Other categories
AMX                               NI-4100 AXB-SPE AXB-REL8 AXB-232++ Other categories
EXSYS                               EX-3501-L EX-3400 EX-3336-L EX-3333 Other categories
Acer                               SO.BMCG5.002 Altos R380 F3 Altos R360 F3 SO.SA256.A01 Other categories
DeLOCK                               70096 70098 89143 70154 Other categories
LSI                               MegaRAID SCSI 320-2 RAID Controller Series 518 SCSI 320-2 Controller 3WARE 9690SA-8I-KIT 3WARE 9650SE Other categories
Bintec-elmeg                               1091271 3667171 1090984 1092316 Other categories
Promise Technology                               FastTrak S150 SX4 FastTrak SX4000 Lite FASTTRAK SX4300 FastTrak SX4100 Other categories
NEC                               Express5800/120Rf-2 Express5800/140Rc-4 Express5800/120Lh Other categories
IBM                               46M0930 71P8595 44E8825 Other categories
SYBA                               SD-PEX20047 PCI Express to SATA II Controller Card Other categories
Intel                               Computer Hardware 273561-003 BCW1USBPWB Other categories
Rosewill                               RAID5 SATA II - 3GBPS HOST ADAPTER RC211 RC-223 Other categories
Digital Equipment Corporation                               RAID Array 3000 storage subsystem Other categories
Areca                               ARC-1680LP ARC-1230 Other categories                               PEXSAT34SFF Other categories
Rorke Data                               3WARE 9650SE Other categories
TEAC                               US-144 Other categories
Tripp Lite                               MODBUSCARD Other categories