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List of brands for manuals category Numeric keypads
Brands Top models
Samsung                               GT-S7710 SAMSUNG ST5000 SGH-X480 SAMSUNG WB750 Other categories
Electrolux                               EKI6351EOW EWT1366EDW EVY7805AAW EKI6751AOX Other categories
AEG                               LFL74834 KP8404001M KE8404021M 62116IW-WN Other categories
HUSQVARNA-ELECTROLUX                               QW7684 QSIP6170X QW169491 QCE5445W Other categories
Crestron                               C2N-DB6 CNX-B4 CNX-BN12 QM-FTDC Other categories
Bosch                               D625 D623 DS7446KP D621 Series Other categories
DMP Electronics                               Thinline 7570 Security Command 793 Thinline 7070 ePAD 5.0 Other categories
Sony                               MPK-THJ TC-WE475 SRS-BTM8 STR-DN1040 Other categories
Siemens                               SPCK422 SPCK 421 SPCK620 SPCK623 Other categories
AEG Electrolux                               BP5304001W 41116IE-WN 63456IU-MN E8931-7-M Other categories
Progress                               PBN43100X PCN43100X PBD46100X PBCM4510X Other categories
Digital Monitoring Products                               7173 7073 7070A 7160 Other categories
Husqvarna                               QRT4261X QCE8450X QCK8070X QSI6280W Other categories
Rosslare                               AC-D31 AC-G43 AC-Q41H AC-C32 Other categories
Velleman                               HAA85WP PCUSB29 HAA2890 HAA2866 Other categories
LG                               MD-2653GT LB642052S MB-387W MH-607YS Other categories
ADEMCO                               Symphony 8142 6270 Other categories
Whirlpool                               AKZM 7780/IXL W6 4PS1 OM4 P FI7 871 SC IX HA FI7 871 SH IX HA Other categories
Zanussi                               ZKG44500XA ZOP37902XK Other categories
Assa Abloy                               DK-26 S series Other categories