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List of brands for manuals category Musical Instruments
Brands Top models
Yamaha                               NP-V80 P-85 PSR-E203 XP70 Other categories
Casio                               CT-X3000 CTK-5000 PX-310 MZ-X300 Other categories
Roland                               RG-3M DS-50A fm/am radio HPi-6s Other categories
Behringer                               Digital Revern/Delay DR400 DUAL A/B SWITCH AB200 BTR2000 ULTRA-DI PRO DI4000 Other categories
Kawai                               MP10 ATX2/ATX2-f ES100 CS4 Other categories
Korg                               AX1500G D12 NC-500 BX-3 Other categories
Eurosound                               SPL0212 TUBE-1400 ENH-2000S Compact-802 Other categories
Tc-electronic                               BG500 - 210 Spark Booster MojoMojo Overdrive Ditto X2 Looper Other categories
Robe                               ColorWash575AT ColorMix550AT ColorSpot700EAT Dominator1200XT Other categories
Pioneer                               CDJ-350-W DJM-600 DJM-300 CT4-B Other categories
Proaudio                               SCD-3203 SWS-A10 AS-3210 WS-806HT Other categories
Gemini                               EX-26 PDM-24s PS-900 PRO PMX-1400 Other categories
Precisionsound                               Knutby ChurchOrgan Orfeo Accordion EP-30 Maestrovox Ps-Mod Other categories
Studiologic                               Numa Compact Manual Studio 90 plus Numa Nero SL61 Other categories
Alesis                               QS6.2 03D DM7 EC-2 Other categories
Avsl                               174.213 SD-50 174.219 GE-50 174.243 TU-50 174.231 DL-50 Other categories
Peterson                               Strobe Center 5000-II Addendum StroboPlus HD Metronome Manual StroboSoft V2 AutoStrobe 490ST Other categories
Dbx                               223Xl DriveRack 220i quick_guide dr4800 Other categories
Moog-music                               MF-101 Lowpass Filter Minimoog Voyager Performer Edition VST MuRF Controller Etherwave Plus (Manual Addendum) Other categories
Vox                               AC15CC1X Valvetronix ToneLabSE ToneLab AD120 Other categories