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Brands Top models
DigiTech                               HardWire series JamMan Express XT Element XP VOCAL 300 Other categories
Zoom                               9000 G1XN EXT B2.1u Edit&Share Other categories
Roland                               ME-30 PH-3 G6037008-01 ME-50B Other categories
Boss                               GP-10 PW-10 BF-3 RC-50 Other categories
Yamaha                               TP-7032 MFC2 TP-7023 MagicStomp MK2 Other categories
Vox                               Satchurator Valvetronix ToneLab SE VC-12 Dual Wah Pedal Other categories
Rocktron                               Xpression Cyborg Reaction Phaser REPLIFEX Other categories
Moog                               MP-201 MF-104 Taurus 3 500 Series Other categories
M-Audio                               RAD-050503 ex-p Other categories
Radial Engineering                               Tonebone Other categories
Behringer                               X V-AMP LX1-X DR400 FX600 US600 Other categories
Waves                               Guitar Tone Processor GTR Solo Other categories
Vintage Revolution                               PedalPro Other categories
CME                               GPP-3 Other categories
Alesis                               X F2 Other categories
Voodoo Lab                               Pedal Power 2 Plus Wahzoo Other categories
DeltaLab                               DD1 Stereo Chorus SC1 DBFX1 Other categories
Voltz                               Pedal Power Pack Other categories
Blackstar                               HT-DRIVE Valve Boost LT-DRIVE Other categories
QRS Music Technologies                               PMII Other categories