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Brands Top models
Philips                               DLM2246/10 DLP2281/17 DLC2404V/10 DLP2274/10 Other categories
Kensington                               K39243EU K38062EU K33117 K39265 Other categories
Valueline                               VLMP11950L VLMB39890B10 VLMB11955B VLMP11955O Other categories
Trust                               18709 20231 20150 Charger Micro-USB Other categories
T'nB                               CHNB19V120 ACMPIVOLT4 ACGP038291 CHIPH02 Other categories
Hama                               00081372 00119439 00119438 00108333 Other categories
Sandberg                               440-23 440-16 440-62 440-20 Other categories
DreamGEAR                               ISOUND-5904 DGPSPS-1803 DGPSV-3351 DGPSPS-1812 Other categories
Scosche                               IUSBC202 reVIVE h2 reVIVE II IPHC2 Other categories
Belkin                               F8M124CW F8Z571CW03 F8J018TTWHT H3800 Other categories
Approx                               APPUSB4PB APPPB2200B APPPB3500B APPUSBWALLIP Other categories
Conceptronic                               1100056 CUSBPWRKIT1A CUSBCAR4A CUSBCARMICU2A Other categories
SBS                               TE0APR040 BP510 TETRAV1USB1A TATRAV1USB2AW Other categories
Kanex                               SYDNEE-EU KBY10 KWCU48V2 SYD2PTB Other categories
Xtorm                               AM401 AM501 AM403 AM113 Other categories
I.Sound                               ISOUND-2130 ISOUND-2145 ISOUND-2148 ISOUND-2143 Other categories
Energizer                               PC-2CA PC-2WA LCHEC32UEUNO2 LCHEC32UEUSM2 Other categories
Ewent                               EW1217 EW1214 EW1206 EW1208 Other categories
Bracketron                               UGC-298-BL UGC-220-BL UGC-465-BL UGC-387-BL Other categories
Sony                               AC-UD20 CP-AD2 CP-F2LS CP-ELS Other categories