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Brands Top models
Acesonic                               DGX-210 AM-898 DGX-212 DGX-108 Other categories
The Singing Machine                               SMVG-620 iSM-1010 SMG SMG-301 SME-378 Other categories
VocoPro                               CDG X-3 Mark II UHF-5800 Carry-Oke Microphone PKJ-9090PRO Other categories
Memorex                               MKS5627 - All-in-one Karaoke Home Entertainment System MKS2114 MKS8502 MKS2115 Other categories
CAVS                               DVD-103G JB-199 JB-99RT DVD-305G Other categories
Radio Shack                               32-1167 Hi-Power CD+G Karaoke System 32-1156 Other categories
Audio2000's                               AKJ780D AVC7504 AKJ7404 AKJ7002 Other categories
Roland                               VIMA JM-5 Other categories
Samsung                               HT-TKX22 Z-48Q MAX-KDZ150 DVD-K300B Other categories
Silvercrest                               Adaptor Set TM-210 TM-220 Other categories
Electrohome                               EAKAR535 EAKAR101 EAKAR770 EAKAR300 Other categories
Sony                               LBT-GV6 TA-K800AV SLV-KA185PK LBT-XB50 Other categories
Pyle                               PKRK210 PKRK8 PKRK212 PKRK10 Other categories
Yamaha                               KP-300 RX-300 Other categories
BMB                               KSP-100 Other categories
Velleman                               PROMIX02 Other categories
ILive                               IJ328-IB IJ308W Other categories
C-Media                               Multi-Sound Other categories
Creek Audio                               STVG-989 Other categories
Martin Ranger                               Pure Sound 88 Recording Other categories