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Brands Top models
Philips                               FWM37 MCD908/12 MCD900/12 MCD183/12 Other categories
LG                               HT855PF-A2 CM4345 CM9730 OM6560 Other categories
Sony                               MHC-VX8 HT-FS30 STR-DA90ESG RHT-G550 Other categories
Panasonic                               SCNS55DB SCPM46DB SC-PMX5EG-S SC-HC17EG-K Other categories
Sharp                               XL-HF302PHT XL-HF300PH(S) HT-DP2500W XL-UH12H Other categories
JVC                               UX-EP25 UX-G38 MX-KC58 LVT1220-002A Other categories
Samsung                               MX-H730 MM-J320 MX-J630 460DXN Other categories
ONKYO                               CS-N755-BB CS-255 CS-335 S CS-N765 Other categories
Yamaha                               MCR-040 MCR-140 CRX-D430 YHT-494 Other categories
Soundmaster                               DISC4020 MCD380BT DISC 3220 MCD850 Other categories
AudioSonic                               RD-1549 RD-1534 TXCD-1530 Beatblaster Other categories
Lenco                               MN-002 MC-144 BTT-6 BTT-1 Other categories
Akai                               QXA6630 AMN200 AMP220 AMD75 Other categories
Thomson                               MS3300 CS190 MS2200 CS900 Other categories
JL Audio                               E6450 A2150 A4300 XD700/5 Other categories
Definitive Technology                               BP 8B PROSUB 800/1000 ProCinema 400 System ProSub 60 Other categories
Denon                               S-81 CEOL Noir RCD-N8 RCD-M39DAB Other categories
Muse                               M-55 BT M-36 CM M-58 BT M-33 OP Other categories
Denver                               MC-5220 MCI-102 TCD-86WHITE MCU-5210 Other categories
Directed Audio                               250d 1100D5 200 D2400 Other categories