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Brands Top models
Philips                               HP8233/80 HP4847/00 HP8260/03 HP8270/00 Other categories
Conair                               265D 070RACHN 060QR 1875 Other categories
Remington                               D-3200dC D5219 AC5911 D5000 Other categories
Scarlett                               SC-272 SC-072 SC-1071 SC-074 Other categories
SEVERIN                               HT6026 HT6230 HT6023 HT 0130 Other categories
Braun                               HD 770 Satin Hair 1 HD 110 HD 750 FuturPro 2000 Other categories
Sunbeam                               HD2850 1620 1637 HD7800 Other categories
Andis                               MI-6 HD-10L 37790 HD-5 Other categories
VALERA                               Hotello Ac Shaver 583.11/P Premium 1600 Shaver Premium Smart 1600 Other categories
Binatone                               HD-1411 HD-1815 HD-1030 HD-1802 Other categories
Andis Company                               Professional ID-1 MI-5 RC-2 MT-12 Other categories
Tristar                               HD-2344 HD-2322 HD-2325 HD-2333 Other categories
Grundig                               GMN 3540 HD8280 HD 6761 PROFESSIONAL HAIR STYLER HS 8980 Other categories
Melissa                               635-119 635-085 235-024 235-002 Other categories
Kompernass                               Styling Curler Set KH 5520 KH 1801 KH 5513 KH 1149 Other categories
Black & Decker                               PX1200 PX1600 BZ15 PX80 Other categories
Devair                               DRD 750 DRD 500 DRD 400 DRD 200 Other categories
Sencor                               SHD 6400V SHD 6600V SHD 108VT SHD 40 B Other categories
Princess                               505108 White Satin Aircurler 505000 509100 Other categories
Mesko                               MS 2238 MS 2236 MS 2240V MS 2229 Other categories