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EVGA                               012-P3-2078-KR 512-P3-1310-LR 01G-P4-2757-KR 01G-P3-1563-A1 Other categories
CLUB3D                               CGAX-R929X9SO CGAX-43524I CGNX-X46524 CGAX-4672DDC Other categories
Zotac                               ZT-50403-10L ZT-71113-20L ZT-61003-10M ZT-20302-10L Other categories
Gainward                               426018336-1671 0681 426018336-2050 426018336-3392 Other categories
PNY                               VCQK5200BLK-1 GF730GT1GEPB G77900XN1F51XPB KH9600GN1F51XPB Other categories
Gigabyte                               GV-N98TOC-1GI (REV. 2.0) GeForce 6200 256MB GVN670O4GD-00-G GV-N94T-512I Other categories
MSI                               MS-7242 V263-083R FX5700-TD256 V303-004R Other categories
Point of View                               R-VGA150929-D3 TGT-660TI-A1-2-C TGT-670-A2-2-UC-D VGA-520-A1-1024-P Other categories
XFX                               PV-T84G-UDD3 PV-T86S-WML PV-T88S-FDD4 HD-577X-ZMF3 Other categories
Asus                               V7100 AGP-V3000ZX ThunderboltEX II 90YV04X0-M0NA00 Other categories
Sapphire                               H667F1G 21051-00-40R H695Q2G2M 11095-01-20R Other categories
Matrox                               Avio F125 Millennium P750 Parhelia Precision SGT Millennium G550 Other categories
AMD                               ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series ATI Radeon HD 5850 CrossFire 550X 100-505144 Other categories
ATI Technologies                               FIRE GL1 V3100 - Firegl Rohs Pcie 128MB pcie 9200 - Radeon 128MB Video Graphics Card Other categories
Diamond Multimedia                               7790PE51G R9270XD52GXOCV2 X1950 BV300 Other categories
Palit                               NE5X770010G2-1041J NE5X760H1042-1042J NEAS450NHD41F NE5X564010DAF Other categories
Dell                               490-14320 490-BBXO 490-BBRD 490-BCHP Other categories
BFG Tech                               151440 BFGEGTX260MC896OCXBE BFGE86256GTOCFE BFGE73512GT Other categories
HP                               Compaq Elite 8200 USDT A7U47AV QY837AV NVIDIA Quadro 6000, 6GB Other categories
Zogis                               ZOGT620-1GD3H ZOGT610-1GD3H ZOGT640-2GD3H ZOGT630-2GD3H Other categories