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List of brands for manuals category Document cameras
Brands Top models
Epson                               ELPDC20 Document Camera ELPDC03 10000XL DC-20 Other categories
Sony                               ILCE-5000L/S Cyber-shot DSC-W620 DSC-W650/B DSC-H5/B Other categories
Elmo                               EV 4400 AF TT-02RX i-Pochette HV-3000XG Other categories
Avermedia                               F50HD AVerVision DL AVerVision CP300 AVerVision F33 Other categories
WolfVision                               VZ-8plus VZ-C12³ VZ-8light³ VZ-3 Other categories
ENHANCED VISION                               Amigo DaVinci Merlin Merlin Ultra Other categories
AbiSee                               Eye-Pal READER Eye-Pal ROL Zoom-Ex Other categories
AVer Information                               VISIONF30 VISIONW30 VISIONM70 VISIONF50 Other categories
Canon                               VB-M40B VB-H610D VB-M700F VB-H630D Other categories
Lumens Technology                               PC120 PS760 PS751 DC120 Other categories
Wanin USA                               PV 380 Other categories
Califone                               DiggiDitto DC596 DiggiDitto DC896 Other categories
Ipevo                               VZ-1 HD Ziggi-HD CDVU-03IP Other categories
Nikon                               COOLPIX S810c mec-2-fl-d60-n105 D-60 Other categories
RM                               RM Eye Other categories
Axis                               P3367-VE P3346-V Q1635 Other categories
Samsung                               SVP-5500 SDP-860 Other categories
Sanyo                               Camcorder VPC-T1496 VPC-S1085 Other categories
Recordex                               iMMCam LBX-500 Other categories
Dukane                               Camera 335B Other categories