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List of brands for manuals category Combi-fridges
Brands Top models
AEG Electrolux                               S75348KG8 AIK2801R S73200DTW0 SDS51400S0 Other categories
AEG                               OEKOS.S2573-6DT SFB58221AF SCS51600S0 SC71840I Other categories
Electrolux                               IK161SL EUC22430W ENG26800 ERG29610 Other categories
Zanussi                               ZBB29450SA ZRB24S8 ZA32W ZRT344FWO1 Other categories
Progress                               PKG1441 PKG1840 PKG1640 PKT1241 Other categories
Rex-Electrolux                               FI259/2TA+ FI290SA RRD30397W FI325VA+ Other categories
De Dietrich                               DRS917JE DRC927JE DRS322JE DRS330JE Other categories
Whirlpool                               HSZ2321L BCB333 AVEI FF (AUS) S20D FSS10-A/G GKI 9001 A++ Other categories
Smeg                               S7298CFD2P FPD34PS1 UKFL167AP FPD34RD1 Other categories
Juno-Electrolux                               JCN44161 JCN34181 JRG94886 JRG94125 Other categories
LG                               GC-B207TVQK GC-P227STFA.STIQHSS GR-L267NI GC-L207TTJA.CTIQHSS Other categories
Küppersbusch                               IKE237012T IKEF238-6 IKEF2380-0 IKEF3084Z3 Other categories
Indesit                               KB 22 F ES BAAN 33 VPX MTM 0801 F SK (EX) BAN 12 W Other categories
IKEA                               LAGAN LFC223/92 FSC100/17 LFCF186/44 Other categories
Fisher & Paykel                               RF175W E440T RS36A80J1N Active Smart Other categories
John Lewis                               JLFFW2005 JLESBSWF01 JLFFW1803 JLFFW2004 Other categories
Samsung                               RR2115TABBL BBF19KASW RF56K9041SR RH30H9500SR/AA Other categories
Brandt                               SB3050E SB2250E DA2750E CA2952E Other categories
Haier                               HNSE05BB HCR17B HNSE05SS HSA04WNCWW Other categories
Novamatic                               EK617.1 R EK717.1 R EK717LI EKI1223-IB Other categories