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List of brands for manuals category Coaxial connectors
Brands Top models
Philips                               SWA3035W/10 SWV2141W/10 SWV3031W/10 SWV2259/93 Other categories
Valueline                               VLSP40921W VLSB40903W VLSB40940W VLSP40902M Other categories
InLine                               69912B 69911B 69917B 69915E Other categories
Telegärtner                               N Straight Jack Crimp G30 (TZC 500 25), H155; LMR-240; Low Loss 1.4/3.8 solder/crimp N Straight Jack Crimp G1 (RG-58C/U) solder/crimp J01021H1082 BNC Angle Plug G1 (RG-58C/U) pressure sleeve Other categories
CableWholesale                               30X3-03100 ASF-20142 30X4-02200 201-202 Other categories
Bandridge                               VYP1101 BYP1101 BYP1103 AP405 Other categories
Kramer Electronics                               CC-BNC-R59 CC-F59 CC-BNC-59 CC-RCA-R59 Other categories
E+p                               KW 40 L PS 83 KW 6 L F 1 Other categories
ICC                               ICRDSAV59C IC107BGCWH IC107BNCWH ICRDSAV59F Other categories
V7                               V7COAXCNFF V7COAXCNJP V7FMALEC7.0MM Other categories
West Penn Wire                               CN-FS11V CN-FSNS-6 Other categories
Jamo                               DMR 61 DMR 60 Other categories
Miranda                               picoLink FIO-991p Other categories
Cablecon                               99909643-01 Other categories                               INSERTVIDF Other categories
Hirschmann                               695020304 Other categories
Winegard                               RP-SK05 Other categories