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Brands Top models
Philips                               MCM726/12 AZ1627/12 HTR5000/01 AZ1316/00C Other categories
Sony                               CMT-CPZ2 D-T101 ZS-RS60BT CMT-EP303 Other categories
Samsung                               MAX-L65 MQ-L543 MAX-WS730 HT-D330 Other categories
LG                               CM8350 LX-M230A FFH-170A FFH-195A Other categories
Soundmaster                               SCD2200BL SCD2000GR SCD3850WS RCD5000WS Other categories
Panasonic                               SCPM4 SCEN28 SCEN38 SCAKX18 Other categories
Curtis                               IP1502 RCD817 RCD224 RS59A Other categories
JVC                               rc-st3sl RV-B99BK CA-MXJ850R UX-Q30B Other categories
Sharp                               XL-UH240H XL-HF300PH(S) XL-HF151PH(S) MD-MX30W Other categories
AudioSonic                               CD-1567 CD-1592 CD-1594 CD-1580 Other categories
Lenco                               SCD-2000 BT SCR-97 USB BLACK/WHITE SCD-10 DR-88 BT BLACK Other categories
Roadstar                               RCR-4650USMPR RCR-4630MP CLR-2980CD HRA-1520MP Other categories
Memorex                               MX4111 MD6887 749720-00966-4 MD6441 Other categories
Trevi                               DHP 547USB CMP 546 BT 0040500 CMP 522 Other categories
Blaupunkt                               BB6VL B 10e B 5 BL B 30e Other categories
Grundig                               GDP6330 GDS0350 GDP6390 Vertiga Hifi Stereo Micro System UMS 4600 DEC Other categories
Sunstech                               CRUM385 CXUM551 CXM58R CRUD386i Other categories
Jensen                               6RF JISS-300I MP5OOO JCR-332 Other categories
SCOTT                               SDM 60 WH HUGYO SW M1070 ZHEN SDM 22 Ensign i-CDX 23 Lutle Other categories
Magnadyne                               LS4000S LS4001W LS7600CD LS7500CD LS3500CDW Other categories