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List of brands for manuals category Card readers
Brands Top models
DeLOCK                               61871 91680 91681 91659 Other categories
Conceptronic                               C05-126 1100112 CCRSST CMULTITRVU3 Other categories
Manhattan                               100762 100717 406208 101653 Other categories
Sitecom                               MD-012 MD-023 MD-009 PC-201 Other categories
Hama                               00123949 Wi-Fi SD/USB f/ Apple All in 1 USB 3.0 microSD-Kartenleser Other categories
ACS                               ACR 38 ACR89U-A1 ACR100I ACR38 Smart Other categories
Trust                               16174 15893 16235 CR-1370p, 5 Pack Other categories
TakeMS                               89093 TMS-CR-MF12R TMS-CR6413 TMS-CR-TFL2B Other categories
Gear Head                               CR6800 CR3600SDBLU CR3000MSD CR7400M Other categories
Equip                               128580-V1 128503 128570-V1 128506-V2 Other categories
Transcend                               TS-RDS6W TS0MFLRD8E TS0MSM2PC TS0MFLRD6E Other categories
Sharkoon                               4044951013456 MRHS63 4044951008353 4044951012558 Other categories
Approx                               APPICRV2 APPCRIPV2 APPCR6SV2 APPICRDNI Other categories
Digitus                               DA-70335 DA-70330 DA-70309-3 DA-70316-1 Other categories
Bewator                               BC615 BC615EM BC615Prox BC610 Other categories
InLine                               76636A 66774 33394E 66778 Other categories
T'nB                               READERDF3 STLE039021 STLE039045 READFIRST Other categories
Sweex                               External Card Reader All-in-1 USB 2.0 CR005V4OEM CR156 CR011 Other categories
Sony                               MRWFC1 DSLR-A100H MRW62ES1171 READER PRS-500 Other categories
Tacens                               ACRM2 ACR1 ACR2 6LECTOR Other categories