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Brands Top models
Sony                               MEX-BT2900 CDX-GT560S CDX-GT120 CDX-M9905X Other categories
JVC                               KD-AR360 KS-F500 KS-F540R KD-AR780 Other categories
Boss Audio Systems                               AVA-750 W 575 CLR-40 RIP-496 Other categories
Kicker                               2004 KX400.1 2008 ZX 1000.1 2006 ZX 350.4 2008 ZX 450.2 Other categories
Alpine                               MRV-T407 MRV-F900 - Amplifier PDX11000 - Amplifier PDX-V9 Other categories
Directed Electronics                               TD275/2150 1500X equalizer 2500 250d Other categories
Directed Audio                               6550 200/500 XTR5004 1200T Other categories
Rockford Fosgate                               T1000-4 FFX6 bd1000.1 Prime R500-1 Other categories
Audiovox                               AMP-592C PAB250R APS-596C JPA260 Other categories
Crunch                               GTX 4400 Ground Pounder GPV1100.2 P1500.1 GTX 2600 Other categories
DLS                               Reference series A1 Performance series CC-500 Other categories
MB QUART                               REF4.80 ONYX ONX4.80/500 QAA1000 Hifonics TXi6408 Other categories
Cadence                               QRS SERIES ZRS ZRS-C1 MONO CLASS D Flash F100-5 Other categories
Clarion                               XR2220 APX280M VRX745VD XH7110 Other categories
Car audio systems                               SE1200 SE 2150 SE 2100 SE 480 Other categories
Massive Audio                               DB8000 V1000.4 D2500.1 block series N3 Other categories
Bazooka                               BT1014 MAA465 EL6A-HP MA460 Other categories
AudioBahn                               DUB200 A2300HCJ A16000V AMPP212H Other categories
Audison                               LR 250 LR 132 LR 435 LRX 4.300 Other categories
Texas Instruments                               TPA301 TPA6013A4 TPA0103 SLOU106 Other categories