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Brands Top models
Kenwood                               KAC-818 KAC-5201 KAC-959 5-CHANNEL POWER AMPLIFIER KAC-959 Other categories
Pioneer                               TAD M600 PRS-D5000SPL PRS-X220 GM-X962 Other categories
Alpine                               MRV-F345 MRV-F540 EN MRP-M350 MRV-T420 Other categories
JBL                               GTH400-20107 GTO24001 GT5-A402 GTO755.6 Other categories
Orion Car Audio                               CO500.1 HCCA25001 GS 500 HCCA-D1200 Other categories
Directed Audio                               XTR Amplifier XTR2504 XTR5002 2150 6550 Other categories
MTX Audio                               232 TA5302 421D TA4252 Other categories
Jensen                               POWER 760 XA4200 POWER JPA1000D PS1220M Other categories
Directed Electronics                               A1004 1100d Model 350 Power Amplifier 6 Other categories
Boss Audio Systems                               CHAOS AMPLIFIERS CH450 CHAOS CH1000 CH600 CHAOS CH650 Other categories
Prology                               Reference R-4 CONTROL 1502 ELITE-2300 AR-450 Other categories
Carson                               SA-500-11 14V SA-441-83FX SA-400-83 14V SA-430-17 Other categories
MB QUART                               Reference Amplifiers FX1.400 Reference MYKRO Amplifiers RAB 1450 Other categories
JL Audio                               XD400/4 XD700/5 J2500.1 XD600/6 Other categories
Rockford Fosgate                               550X 2600X 750X Power T2500-1bd Other categories
Soundstream Technologies                               REF2.370 1002 X3.71 RUB1.2500D Other categories
Focal                               DUAL MANAGER FPS 2300RX FPS 2160 FPS 4160 Other categories
Arcam                               A70 AVRsurroundamplifier AVR400 A85 A32 P35/3 Other categories
Phantom                               RSA 904 PA 904 Other categories
SoundMax                               SM-SA6022 SM-SA6042 SM-SA1004 SM-SA1002 Other categories