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Brands Top models
Directed Electronics                               RSX3.5 28623T 425 732T Other categories
Audiovox                               PRO 9232A PRO 9246FT3 APS-2K4 Prestige Platinum APS-150 Other categories
Viper                               310V 5706V 160XVL 790XV Other categories
Code Alarm                               CSI-300 CA 2050 ca5553sst Professional Series CA 1050 Other categories
Alligator                               M-700 SM-3200 S-725RS S-825RS Other categories
Ultra Start                               23xx 42xx 2250 SERIES 430 Series Other categories
Mongoose                               LS 1000D RKT 07S AMG-750/1 Base 30 Other categories
Autostart                               AS-2272 AS-1735 AS-6205 SH AS-2660i TW-FM Other categories
Tomahawk                               D-700 Harpoon BS-3000 TZ-9030-24V TZ-9010 Other categories
CompuSTAR                               RF-P2W902-SP (Remote 2W902R-SP) 2W9000R-SS RF-1WG2-AM (Remote 1WG2R-AM) P2BSHLEDR Other categories
Clifford                               SOLARIS 5 RSIII AvantGuard II G4 System Series Other categories
Avital                               4003 AMX7 Model 4300 Phoenix 2 Other categories
Crimestopper Security Products                               EZ-84FM FS-20 CS-2004TW1 CS-2205 Other categories
CrimeStopper                               CS-2000DPII CS-2100 ALARM COMBO SYSTEM FS-50 CS-2011RS.II Other categories
Auto Page                               CPX-3600 RF-502 RF-520LCD RF-505 Other categories
Pandora                               RX-150 (2005 г) RX-100 (2006 г) RX-151 DXL3000 Other categories
Scher-khan                               Magicar III Magicar II Logicar 1 Magicar V Other categories
Sheriff                               ZX-730 ZX-925 ZX-1055 APS-2600 Other categories
Starline                               A92 DIALOG Twage A4 A62 DIALOG A92 DIALOG CAN Other categories
Pantera                               SLK-350SC XS-330 SLK-755RS SLK-3i Other categories