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Brands Top models
Casio                               SF-9600 MJ-120D Plus FX-85SA fx-991ES PLUS Other categories
Citizen                               SR-270X College Z200680 SDC-450NBL CX121N Other categories
Sharp                               Calculator EL-1197P EL-344RB EL480SRB EL-1192BL Other categories
HP                               30b Business Professional Calculator Prime Graphing Calculator 12c Prestige Financial Calculator G8X92AA#B1S Other categories
Calculated Industries                               Ultra Measure Master Construction Master Pro-Desktop Home ProjectCalc Material Estimator Other categories
Canon                               MP49DII BP26LTS F-719SG LS-100TS Other categories
Victor Technology                               918 1200-4 1260-3 1208-2 Other categories
Olympia                               CPD 5212 CPD 440 LCD 1110 LCD 1010E Other categories
Ibico                               IB1221X IB081X IB212X IB121X Other categories
Aurora                               CK30 HC106 EC404 PR720 Other categories
Hama                               Bureau BSB 208D Home HSB 108U Bureau BSB 208 Home HB 108D Other categories
Radio Shack                               Touch Screen Organizer EC-235 Electronic Organizer 65-500 Other categories
Monroe                               6120 122PDII 8145 8130 Other categories
Texas Instruments                               TI-Nspire CX TI-36X II TI-34 MultiView Other categories
Olivetti                               B5895 Logos 802 Summa 21 Other categories
Victor                               1240-3A 1280-7 1212-3A Other categories
Citizen Systems                               Calculator SDC-664S Calculator SDC-3910 Calculator SRP-265N Other categories
Acco                               1500113 19423 Other categories
Universal Remote Control                               UNV-15925 UNV-15966 Other categories
Rebell                               RE-GRIP 8AND12 RE-RULE 8 Other categories