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List of brands for manuals category Cable locks
Brands Top models
Kensington                               K64529US K64995WW K64538US K64994EU Other categories
Targus                               PA492Y01E PA492U TARPA450E TARPA410E Other categories
Acco                               K64636WW K64661WW K64912S 1500150 Other categories
Dicota                               B22698B D30887 Z20228Z Z16488Z Other categories
V7                               SLC500-8E SLC4000-13NB SLC4000-13EB SLK500-8N Other categories
DeLOCK                               20596 20630 20616 20595 Other categories
Dataflex                               20.451 20.460 20.461 20.422 Other categories
Westinghouse                               7707600 7726900 7705800 7706000 Other categories
Magnese                               MA-238201 MA-238391 MA-238509 MA-238512 Other categories
APC                               PNOTELA PNOTECL5 PNOTESL PNOTEKL5 Other categories
Conceptronic                               C05-015 1105031 CKNBLOCK_V2 1105032 Other categories
Safeware                               44445 44443 59413 44445W Other categories
PNY                               P-TSUL1-RB PNYTSAL1RB P-TSKL1-RB Other categories
Brenthaven                               4119 4750 4111ATTI Other categories
Klip Xtreme                               KSD-340 KSD-335 KSD-345 Other categories
Fujitsu                               S26361-F1650-L510 S26361-F1650-L210 Other categories
Vantec                               PC & Notebook Security Combination Cable Lock NBL-S100 Other categories
Digitus                               DA-40501 DA-40500 Other categories
Cables Direct                               NLNBL-002 NLNBL-003 Other categories
T'nB                               MCAV4W MCAV3W Other categories