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Brands Category
Quantum Guardian                               Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors Other categories
Thermax                               Air purifiers Scrubber Other categories
Grandio Greenhouses                               Unknown Other categories
Dura-Trel                               Unknown Other categories
Lcd-digital                               Furniture Laptops Other categories
Impact Products                               Tools Unknown Other categories
Elinx                               Networking Other categories
Silicon Valley Computer                               Internal hard drives Unknown Other categories
Zigo                               Bicycles Other categories
CPAP                               Power adapters & inverters Unknown Other categories
CanyCom                               Lawnmowers Offroad Vehicle Other categories
ANTAIRA                               Network media converters Network switches Other categories
Accurex                               Cookers Deep fryers Other categories
Prime Heat                               Fireplaces Other categories
Hauri                               Antivirus security software Other categories
Star Trading                               Decorative lighting Strip lights Other categories
MB                               Garden tools Other categories
Universal Electronics BV                               Remote controls Other categories
PrimaLuna                               Audio amplifiers Other categories
Crystop Display Gmbh                               Receiver Other categories